4th Int. EMPOP Meeting, Berlin 2010

For the 4th EMPOP meeting we are very happy to return to Berlin, where Lutz has kindly invited us for the first time in 2004 when mtDNA joined with Y to form the “Haploid DNA markers in forensics”. For the upcoming meeting we have two main topics in mind, the presentation of new features of the EMPOP 2 website and presentations on new mtDNA population studies. Our field still observes the lack of representative mtDNA population data for numerous regions worldwide. We are also aware of the requirements to continuously optimize our technical platforms to meet the forensic developments. You are kindly invited to submit abstracts with your recent population genetic studies and technological developments to contribute to interesting discussions at the meeting.

7th International Y Chromosome User Workshop
4th International EMPOP meeting
Berlin, April 22-24, 2010
Call for Abstracts open until April 1st, 2010


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