Haploid DNA markers in forensic genetics

7th International Y Chromosome User Workshop
4th International EMPOP meeting

Berlin, April 22-24, 2010

Invitation 7th Y-User Workshop

The success story of Y chromosome markers in forensic, genealogical and anthropological research has many authors and nearly all of them could be met at the six previous Y Chromosome User Workshops in Berlin, Porto, Innsbruck and Ancona. In 2010 it is our pleasure to invite you to the site of the first “outbreak” meeting which took place 1996 in Berlin. The host and the venue is the Charité, named by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm in 1727, which is today the Medical Faculty and the University hospital of the two largest Berlin universities, the Humboldt-University and the Free University. At the workshop we want to present forensic applications of Y and X chromosome markers (e.g. STRs, miniSTRs, SNPs). To discuss recommendations for the evaluation of the weight of haploid DNA profiles in casework we’ll organise a biostatistics session with renowned experts. Furthermore we aim to present research on male demographic history in different parts of the world. In 2010 we also want to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the YHRD database instituted and curated at the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Berlin. In fact, nowadays YHRD 3.0 is the world’s largest curated online population database which has evolved far beyond its original scope. It is a well received scientific project supported and used by practitioners and academics from many countries.

We are glad that Chris Tyler-Smith, Manfred Kayser, Michael Krawczak, Bruce Weir and others have already agreed to join us in Berlin and to give plenary talks.

Invitation 4th EMPOP meeting

For the 4th EMPOP meeting we are very happy to return to Berlin, where Lutz has kindly invited us for the first time in 2004 when mtDNA joined with Y to form the “Haploid DNA markers in forensics”. For the upcoming meeting we have two main topics in mind, the presentation of new features of the EMPOP 2 website and presentations on new mtDNA population studies. Our field still observes the lack of representative mtDNA population data for numerous regions worldwide. We are also aware of the requirements to continuously optimize our technical platforms to meet the forensic developments. You are kindly invited to submit abstracts with your recent population genetic studies and technological developments to contribute to interesting discussions at the meeting.

We are happy to have Phillip Endicott as guest speaker this year who will give an introductory lecture.

We are looking forward to our meeting in Berlin; we hope to see you there!

Walther Parson and Lutz Roewer

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