43 Mexican students missing - one victim identified

43 Mexican students missing - one victim identified

The Attorney General of Mexico has held a press conference on December 7, 2014: One of the students missing is identified.

The statement of the Attorney General was based on the DNA analyses performed at the Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria. The information given by the Attorney General PGR and EAAF (Human Rights NGO) are confirmed as far as known by us.

Most modern standard techniques have been applied to obtain the results from the victim’s samples, all of which have to be classified as „challenging samples“, due to the conditions they were exposed to.

Further investigations with samples that gave no results so far are pending, and additional techniques will be applied, including the attempt to analyze mitochondrial DNA. These steps are time consuming, and the expectations for further results are very low, due to the extreme nature of the samples.

All results of investigations obtained at our institute are provided exclusively to the responsible authority from which the order came.

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