Efficient DNA database laboratory strategy for high through-put STR typing of reference samples

Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.
DNA intelligence databases were installed successfully in various countries during the past few years. It is a general trend that laboratories performing STR analysis for DNA databases have to adjust to increased sample through-put, especially when dealing with a high number of reference samples. In contrast to routine forensic casework analysis, where samples of suspects and unknown samples are interpreted with regard to the specific circumstances of the case and are kept distinctly apart from other cases, DNA databases consist of single, primarily unlinked DNA profiles. Problems areas associated with the high number of anonymous DNA profiles are the risk of logistic errors, such as sample mix-up during the laboratory procedure, and the risk of typing errors during manual transcription of data and/or results. Thus, DNA databases clearly require new laboratory strategies to rise to the challenge.This paper presents an efficient automated laboratory strategy on the platform of a laboratory management information system (LIMS) with the Austrian DNA Intelligence Database as example. Two goals were tackled in particular: first, data safety by avoiding both manual interaction during critical laboratory steps (i.e. when DNA is transferred form one tube into another), and errors due to manual transcription of sample information and results. Secondly, efficient sample processing by automizing the laboratory procedure with the help of robotic instruments, thus, giving the DNA staff more time to analyze data
Forensic Sci Int 2001 122(1):1-6
Tags: Austria; casework; Clinical Laboratory Information Systems; databases; Databases,Factual; DNA; DNA DATABASE; forensic; forensic casework; FORENSIC CASEWORK ANALYSIS; forensic medicine; genetics; human; laboratories; organization & administration; Paper; Reference Standards; SINGLE; tandem repeat sequences
PubMed: 11587859
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