Extremely high origin of the right coronary artery from the ascending aorta

Piegger,J.; Kovacs,P.; Ambach,E.
Coronary artery anomalies, especially variations in the level of origin, are frequent. In most cases, the origin lies just a few millimeters superior to the supravalvular ridge; ectopic origins of more than one centimeter above this border are rare. We report a case in which the right coronary artery arises from the ascending aorta 38 mm above the supravalvular ridge
Clin.Anat. 2001 14(5):369-372
Tags: aged; Aged,80 and over; anatomy & histology; Aorta; Arteries; Austria; case report; Coronary Vessel Anomalies; female; human; ORIGINS; pathology; United States
PubMed: 11754226
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