Mitochondrial DNA control region variation in Ashkenazi Jews from Hungary

Brandstätter,A.; Egyed,B.; Zimmermann,B.; Tordai,A.; Padar,Z.; Parson,W.
One hundred and seventy three entire mtDNA control region sequences were generated and analyzed in a population sample from Ashkenazi Jews living in Hungary. The control region was amplified in one piece and sequenced with different sequencing primers. Sequence evaluation was performed twice and validated by a third senior scientist. Phylogenetic analyses were used for quality assurance purposes and for the determination of the haplogroup affiliation of the samples. Upon publication, the population data are going to be available in the EMPOP database (
Forensic Sci Int Genet 2008 2(1):e4-e6
Tags: DNA; DNA Fingerprinting; DNA,Mitochondrial; Forensic Genetics; genetics; Genetics,Population; haplotypes; Humans; Hungary; isolation & purification; Jews; methods; phylogeny; Quality Control; reproducibility of results; Software; EMPOP
PubMed: 19083780
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