Fatal intoxication with omethoate

Pavlic,M.; Haidekker,A.; Grubwieser,P.; Rabl,W.
A case of suicide with the insecticide omethoate is reported. An 18-year-old apprentice gardener had ingested an unknown amount of omethoate. His body was found in his room lying in the storage space under his bed. The autopsy first showed multiple superficial incisions in the skin of his wrists, furthermore hemorrhagic pulmonary oedema, dilation of the right cardiac ventricle and oedema of the brain. The gastric mucosa was swollen and showed a dark brownish colour. An intensive, chemical-like smell rose from the corpse and organs. Toxicological analysis detected omethoate in cardiac blood (208 µg/ml), urine (225 µg/ml) and bile (524 µg/ml), in the liver (341 µg/ml) and kidneys (505 µg/ml). In the gastric content the level was 48223 µg/ml. The amount of the active AChE in peripheral blood serum was reduced to less than 0.2% of the normal level. To our knowledge no case of a fatal suicide by ingestion of omethoate has been reported in literature
Int J Legal Med 2002
Tags: autopsy; blood; Brain; Gastric Mucosa; KIDNEY; Liver; Organophosphate insecticides - Omethoate - Fatal poisoning - Suicide; Suicide; urine
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