Population genetic comparisons of three X-chromosomal STRs

Wiegand,P.; Berger,B.; Edelmann,J.; Parson,W.
The X-chromosomal short tandem repeats (STRs) DXS6800, DXS101 and DXS8377 were analysed in male and female population samples from Germany and Austria using a PCR multiplex approach. We investigated 135 family trios from Innsbruck (Austria) and surrounding areas and 50 families and further male and female samples from Ulm (Germany) and surrounding areas. The comparisons of the allele frequencies gave similar distributions for Innsbruck and Ulm although minor variations were found for some alleles. Additionally, some differences were found when comparing the allele frequencies of the male and female samples independently. The forensic efficiency values demonstrate that especially DXS101 and DXS8377 are highly informative markers for kinship analysis and deficiency cases. Based on the investigated meiotic events no new mutations were detected
Int J Legal Med 2003 117(1):62-65
Tags: Adolescent; adult; Age Factors; alleles; Austria; Chromosomes,Human,X; comparative study; DNA; DNA Fingerprinting; female; forensic; gene frequency; genetics; Germany; human; male; markers; Microsatellite Repeats; Middle Aged; multiplex; Mutation; PCR; population; short tandem repeat; SHORT TANDEM REPEATS; STR
PubMed: 12592596
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