Complete detachment of an aortic valve prosthesis 10 years after implantation

Grubwieser,P.; Pavlic,M.; Hoefer,D.; Rabl,W.
A 47-year-old male patient died unexpectedly 10 years after replacement of the aortic valve with a Carbomedics heart valve prosthesis required for post-endocarditic valve stenosis. The man was in regular medical attendance by his general practitioner and in hospital. Clinical data and examinations did not suggest the reoccurrence of endocarditis. Three months before his death a haemolytic anaemia of unknown genesis was diagnosed. One afternoon, while lifting a heavy object, the man suffered acute chest pain and collapsed. Resuscitation failed and the patient died in hospital. Autopsy revealed the completely detached valve prosthesis within the ascending aorta. Histological examination confirmed a chronic endocarditis at the site of the valve implantation
Int.J Legal Med. 2003 117(6):367-370
Tags: Aorta; Aortic Valve; Austria; autopsy; Endocarditis; male
PubMed: 14574592
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