Duplications of the Y-chromosome specific loci P25 and 92R7 and forensic implications

Sanchez,J.J.; Brion,M.; Parson,W.; Blanco-Verea,A.J.; Borsting,C.; Lareu,M.; Niederstätter,H.; Oberacher,H.; Morling,N.; Carracedo,A.
In the present study, we demonstrate that two commonly used Y-chromosome single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), P25 and 92R7, are paralogous sequence variants (PSVs) originating from segmental duplications and that at least one of the sequence variants in each group of loci is polymorphic. Several methodologies were used in order to detect the SNP alleles and the PSVs of the loci. All results obtained with the various typing techniques supported the conclusion. The allele distributions of the binary markers were analysed in more than 600 males with seven different haplogroups. For P25, the ancestral allele C was found in several samples from different haplogroups. The derived allele A was always present with an additional C variant. Haplogroup P was defined by the derived allele A at the 92R7 locus. However, the ancestral allele G was always associated with an A variant due to the duplication
Forensic Sci Int 2004 140(2-3):241-250
Tags: 92R7; alleles; forensic; FORENSIC-GENETICS; forensic medicine; genetics; male; markers; P25; polymorphism; PSV; SEGMENTAL DUPLICATIONS; SINGLE; single nucleotide polymorphism; SNP; Y-Chromosome; Y-SNP
PubMed: 15036445
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