Population study in West Austria using DNA single locus probes

Zehethofer,K.; Ambach,E.; Scheithauer,R.
Allele frequency distribution of the single-locus system YNH 24 (n = 302), G3 (n = 251), MS 43A (n = 333), and MS 31 (n = 333) was determined in Western Austria. After digestion with Hinf I, electrophoresis and Southern blotting, the genomic DNA was hybridised with the probes YNH 24, G3, MS 43A, and MS 31. Blood samples were taken from 333 unrelated caucasians living in the area of Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. The fragment distribution was calculated for each of the 4 single-locus systems. A single fragment pattern, indicating homozygosity, was shown in 9.93% with YNH 24, 12.45% with G3, 9.61% with MS 43A, and 7.21% with MS 31; the corresponding heterozygosity rates were 90.07%, 87.55%, 90.39%, and 92.79%, respectively. Our data are compared with those from England [18], Germany [3], Greenland [7], and Denmark [14]. Discrimination indices (Table 2) were calculated and statistical parameters (Table 3) presented
Wien.Klin.Wochenschr. 1995 107(19):574-577
Tags: 96054564; adult; alleles; Austria; blood; diagnostic use; DISCRIMINATION; DNA; DNA Probes; gene frequency; genetics; Germany; Heterozygote; Homozygote; human; Polymorphism,Restriction Fragment Length; SINGLE
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