Superfecundation and dual paternity in a twin pregnancy ending with placental abruption

Ambach,E.; Parson,W.; Brezinka,C.
A case of superfecundation and dual paternity in a twin pregnancy is presented. Placental abruption developed at week 33 of gestation and the two boys had to be saved by emergency cesarean section. As they shared one placenta, had almost identical weight and had the same sex, they were assumed to be monozygotic. However, a subsequent paternity suit led to the conclusion, based on DNA-analysis, that the twin brothers had been fathered by two different men. Obstetrical implications are discussed
J Forensic Sci 2000 45(1):181-183
Tags: 20104921; Abruptio Placentae; female; forensic; forensic medicine; human; male; Paternity; pathology; polymerase chain reaction; Polymorphism,Restriction Fragment Length; Pregnancy; Twins,Dizygotic
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