Pulmonary Aspergillus colonization in humans and its impact on management of critically ill patients

Lass-Florl,C.; Salzer,G.M.; Schmid,T.; Rabl,W.; Ulmer,H.; Dierichi,M.P.
Samples of lung tissues were obtained and analysed for Aspergillus carriage in 56 patients undergoing thoracic surgical intervention and 18 people who had an unexpected death. Out of 74 samples, 46 (63%) had evidence of pulmonary fungal colonization. The surgery population had a rate of 62% of fungal growth. Aspergillus was present in 39%. The autopsy population had a rate of 61% of fungal colonization. Aspergillus was present in 41%. In these cases eradication of fungal spores residing in the lung prior to aggressive chemotherapy and prevention of further spore uptake during hospitalization is indispensable in preventing pulmonary aspergillosis
Br.J Haematol. 1999 104(4):745-747
Tags: 99206653; Aspergillosis; Austria; autopsy; complications; Critical Illness; female; human; impact; Lung Diseases,Fungal; male; microbiology; Neoplasms; population; surgery
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