Iatrogenic ruptures of the stomach after balloon tamponade. Two case reports: viscoelastic model

Rabl,W.; Ennemoser,O.; Tributsch,W.; Ambach,E.
Two cases of gastric rupture as a rare complication of balloon tamponade for esophageal varices are presented. In both cases, the rupture was caused by instillation of irrigation fluid without previous aspiration of stomach contents. In an experimental study, the stomachs of 11 corpses were filled with water to determine rupture pressure and volume. The mean rupture pressure was 73 +/- 13 mm Hg (9.7 +/- 1.7 kPa) and the mean rupture volume was 2,670 +/- 410 ml. A viscoelastic model was used for the representation of the relations between pressure and volume as well as pressure and time. Measured values are significant particularly for the explanation and medicolegal evaluation of iatrogenic ruptures of the stomach that occur during gastric lavage, positive pressure respiration, incorrect intubation, or forced mask respiration during resuscitation
American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology 1995 16(2):135-139
Tags: 96053597; adult; adverse effects; aged; Balloon Dilatation; case report; Elasticity; Esophageal and Gastric Varices; etiology; forensic; forensic medicine; Gastric Lavage; human; Iatrogenic Disease; middle age; mortality; physiopathology; pressure; Respiration; Stomach Rupture; therapy; Viscosity
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