Camphor ingestion for abortion (case report)

Rabl,W.; Katzgraber,F.; Steinlechner,M.
The case of a 16-year-old girl who ingested 30 g of camphor dissolved with 250 ml wine to induce abortion is reported. The girl started vomiting 45 min after ingestion, which may have saved her life. Camphor is present in a number of over-the-counter medications, mainly for external application, and is readily available in drugstores. The substance is highly toxic and rapid in onset. The reported human lethal dose is 50 to 500 mg kg-1. Camphor ingestion may lead to abortion because camphor crosses the placenta and fetuses lack the enzymes to hydroxylate and conjugate with glucuronic acid. The girl was charged with intended abortion
Forensic Sci Int 1997 89(1-2):137-140
Tags: 97451751; Abortion,Criminal; Abortion,Spontaneous; Abortion,Therapeutic; acid; adolescence; Camphor; case report; chemically induced; female; forensic; forensic medicine; human; poisoning; Pregnancy; Vomiting
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