Regulation of freA, acoA, lysF, and cycA expression by iron availability in Aspergillus nidulans

Oberegger,H.; Schoeser,M.; Zadra,I.; Schrettl,M.; Parson,W.; Haas,H.
In the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans, iron homeostasis is regulated at the transcriptional level by the negative-acting GATA factor SREA. In this study the expression of a putative heme-containing metalloreductase-encoding gene, freA, was found to be upregulated by iron limitation independently of SREA, demonstrating the existence of an iron-regulatory mechanism which does not involve SREA. In contrast to freA, various other genes encoding proteins in need of iron-containing cofactors-acoA, lysF, and cycA-were downregulated in response to iron depletion. Remarkably, SREA deficiency led to increased expression of acoA, lysF, and cycA under iron-replete growth conditions
Appl.Environ.Microbiol. 2002 68(11):5769-5772
Tags: Amino Acid Sequence; Aspergillus nidulans; Austria; biosynthesis; chemistry; DNA-Binding Proteins; Gene Expression Regulation,Bacterial; genetics; Hydro-Lyases; Iron; metabolism; molecular sequence data; Nuclear Proteins; Oxidoreductases; pharmacology; physiology; Sequence Homology,Amino Acid
PubMed: 12406779
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