CD25-expressing CD8+ T cells are potent memory cells in old age

Herndler-Brandstetter,D.; Schwaiger,S.; Veel,E.; Fehrer,C.; Cioca,D.P.; Almanzar,G.; Keller,M.; Pfister,G.; Parson,W.; Wurzner,R.; Schonitzer,D.; Henson,S.M.; Aspinall,R.; Lepperdinger,G.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.
We have recently described an IL-2/IL-4-producing CD8+CD25+ non-regulatory memory T cell population that occurs in a subgroup of healthy elderly persons who characteristically still have a good humoral response after vaccination. The present study addresses this specific T cell subset and investigates its origin, clonal composition, Ag specificity, and replicative history. We demonstrate that CD8+CD25+ memory T cells frequently exhibit a CD4+CD8+ double-positive phenotype. The expression of the CD8 alphabeta molecule and the occurrence of signal-joint TCR rearrangement excision circles suggest a thymic origin of these cells. They also have longer telomeres than their CD8+
J.Immunol. 2005 175(3):1566-1574
Tags: aged; Aged,80 and over; Aging; Antigens,CD4; Austria; biosynthesis; CD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes; cell; Cell Aging; Cell Division; Cell Membrane; Cell Proliferation; Cells,Cultured; comparative study; cytology; Down-Regulation; EXPRESSION; history; HLA-DR Antigens; human; Immunologic Memory; immunology; Immunophenotyping; Interleukin-2; Intestinal Mucosa; Isoantigens; L-Selectin; Lymphocyte Activation; Memory; metabolism; Middle Aged; pharmacology; Phenotype; Phytohemagglutinins; population; Receptors,Antigen,T-Cell; Receptors,Interleukin-2; T-Lymphocyte Subsets; Vaccination
PubMed: 16034095
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