TSUNAMI-Disaster: DNA-Typing of Sri Lanka victim samples and related AM matching procedures

Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.; Rabl,W.; Grubwieser,P.; Scheithauer,R.
More than 400 samples related to 101 tsunami victims from Sri Lanka were sent to our laboratory. Bar-coded sampling kits were used to collect two swabs from intact inner surfaces, one 4 cm piece of long bone and two teeth, which were all shipped on ice. A high throughput DNA extraction and STR analysis procedure for the swabs were developed in order to provide STR profiles within 24 hours. For the skeletal remains and teeth a highly sensitive DNA extraction procedure was applied. Both processes included electronic accessioning to maintain the numbering system of the DVI team in Sri Lanka and the data exchange via Interpol. Swab profiling was successful in 42% of the cases. For the remaining cases skeletal remains had to be typed and produced useful results in 65% for teeth and in 94% for bone. A sufficient profile was obtained from each victim, so the overall success rate was 100%. Until now DNA matching procedures in Innsbruck facilitated by using DNAVIEW software enabled 24 DNA-based identifications of victims from nine countries.
Progress in Forensic Genetics 11 2006
Tags: Tsunami
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