EMPOP-a forensic mtDNA database

Parson,W.; Dür,A.
Mitochondrial DNA databases stand as the basis for frequency estimations of mtDNA sequences that became relevant in a case. The establishment of mtDNA databases sounds trivial; however, it has been shown in the past that this undertaking is prone to error for several reasons, particularly human error. We have established a concept for mtDNA data generation, analysis, transfer and quality control that meets forensic standards. Due to the complexity of mtDNA population data tables it is often difficult if not impossible to detect errors, especially for the untrained eye. We developed software based on quasi-median network analysis that visualizes mtDNA data tables and thus signposts sequencing, interpretation and transcription errors. The mtDNA data (N=5173; release 1) are stored and made publicly available via the Internet in the form of the EDNAP mtDNA Population Database, short EMPOP. This website also facilitates quasi-median network analysis and provides results that can be used to check the quality of mtDNA sequence data. EMPOP has been launched on 16 October 2006 and is since then available at http://www.empop.org.
Forensic Sci Int Genet 2007 1(2):88-92
Tags: EMPOP; forensic
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