Mitochondrial control region sequences from northern Greece and Greek Cypriots

Irwin,J.; Saunier,J.; Strouss,K.; Paintner,C.; Diegoli,T.; Sturk,K.; Kovatsi,L.; Brandstätter,A.; Cariolou,M.A.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.J.
Entire mitochondrial control region data were generated for population samples of 319 unrelated individuals from northern Greece and 91 unrelated individuals from Cyprus. The samples from northern Greece have been previously typed for 15 nuclear short tandem repeat (STR; Kovatsi et al., Forensic Sci. Int. 159:61-63, 2006)
Int J Legal Med 2008 122(1):87-89
Tags: control region; DNA; EMPOP; forensic; identification; laboratories; mtDNA; pathology; population; sequence; short tandem repeat; STR; TANDEM REPEAT
PubMed: 17492459
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