Recently introduced Y-SNPs improve the resolution within Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b in a central European population sample (Tyrol, Austria)

Niederstätter,H.; Berger,B.; Erhart,D.; Parson,W.
A set of three recently described Y chromosome single nucleotide polymorphisms (Y-SNPs) was typed in a geographically well defined sample of 135 individuals from Tyrol (Austria). The SNPs U106, U152 and U198 define sub-clades of the haplogroup (hg) R1b, which is the most frequent hg in European populations. The derived states of U152 (defining hg R1b3h) U106 (R1b3i) and U198 (R1b3i1) were found within the Austrian R1b population sub-sample (n=42) in 9 (21.4%), 25 (59.5%), and 1 (2.4%) individuals, respectively. Only 8 (19.0%) of the hg R1b Y chromosomes remained unresolved. The novel R1b sub-haplogroups were more abundant in the Austrian R1b-sample compared to an R1b-sample of European-Americans. The new SNPs proved to be promising tools for distinguishing R1b lineages in the evolutionary as well as in the forensic context.
Forensic Sci Int Genet Suppl Series 2008 1(1):226-227
Tags: Austria; population; RESOLUTION; Y-Chromosome; Y-SNP
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