Automation and high through-put for a DNA database laboratory: development of a laboratory information management system

Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.
Automation and high through-put production of DNA profiles has become a necessity in every DNA database unit. In our laboratory we developed a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) controlled workflow architecture, which comprises a robotic DNA extraction- and pipetting-system and a capillary electrophoresis unit. This allows a through-put of 4,000 samples per person per year. Improved sample handling and data management, full sample- and batch-histories, and software-aided supervision of result data, with a consequent average turn-around time of 8 days, are the main features of our new system
Croat.Med.J. 2001 42(3):252-255
Tags: Austria; Automatic Data Processing; Automation; Clinical Laboratory Information Systems; Database Management Systems; DNA; DNA Fingerprinting; forensic medicine; human; methods; Sensitivity and Specificity; standards
PubMed: 11387633
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