Population genetics of ten STR loci (AmpFlSTR SGM plus) in Austria

Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Scheithauer,R.; Parson,W.
A population study on the ten short tandem repeat (STR) loci D3S1358, VWA, D16S539, D2S1338, D8S1179, D21S11, D18S51, D19S433, TH01 and FGA was performed on 204 unrelated Austrian Caucasians. The DNA was amplified by multiplex PCR using the AmpF/STR SGM plus kit. All loci met Hardy-Weinberg expectations. The combined power of exclusion for the ten STR loci was 0.999976. The results show that these loci are very useful for forensic purposes
Int J Legal Med 2001 114(4-5):288-290
Tags: Austria; DNA; DNA Fingerprinting; European Continental Ancestry Group; gene frequency; genetics; genotype; human; Likelihood Functions; tandem repeat sequences
PubMed: 11355414
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