Application of full mitochondrial genome sequencing using 454 GS FLX pyrosequencing

Mikkelsen,M.; Rockenbauer,E.; Wächter,A.; Fend,F.; Zimmermann,B.; Parson,W.; Abel Nielsen,S.; Gilbert,T.; Willerslev,E.; Morling,N.
The GS FLX pyrosequencing platform using parallel tagged sequencing was tested on 10 Somali individuals for sequencing of the complete mitochondrial genome. The amplicons were sequenced twice with increasing coverage to establish the minimum of coverage needed to produce reliable sequence reads. The genome sequences were compared to previously obtained control regions sequences with Sanger sequencing and 49 SNPs in coding regions of the mitochondrial genome. No discrepancy was found with the three methods except in a poly-C stretch that was estimated to be 16193.1C by sequencing with terminator chemistry and no insert was observed with pyrosequencing. The sequence lengths of both pyrosequencing runs were between 225 and 235 nucleotides. The coverage for the first pyrosequencing run was between 0 and 159 and 10-577 for the second one.
Forensic Sci Int Genet Suppl Series 2009 2(1):518-519
Tags: EMPOP; mtDNA
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