Frontiers of mass spectrometry in nucleic acids analysis

Nucleic acids research is a highly competitive field of research. A number of well established methods are available. The current output of high throughput ("next generation") sequencing technologies is impressive, and still technologies are continuing to make progress regarding read lengths, bp per second, accuracy and costs. Although in the 1990s MS was considered as an analytical platform for sequencing, it was soon realized that MS will never be competitive. Thus, the focus shifted from de novo sequencing towards other areas of application where MS has proven to be a powerful analytical tool. Potential niches for the application of MS in nucleic acids research include genotyping of genetic markers (single nucleotide polymorphisms, short tandem repeats, and combinations thereof), quality control of synthetic oligonucleotides, metabolic profiling of therapeutics, characterization of modified nucleobases in DNA and RNA molecules, and the study of non covalent interactions among nucleic acids as well as interactions of nucleic acids with drugs and proteins. The diversity of possible applications for MS highlights its significance for nucleic acid research
Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester, Eng) 2010 16(3):351-365
PubMed: 20530841
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