Mitochondrial DNA control region data from indigenous Angolan Khoe-San lineages

Fendt,L.; Huber,G.; Rock,A.W.; Zimmermann,B.; Bodner,M.; Delport,R.; Schmidt,K.; Parson,W.
Here we provide 129 complete mitochondrial control region sequences of indigenous Khoe-San individuals from Angola to contribute to the still underrepresented pool of data from Africa. The dataset consists of exclusively African lineages with a majority of Sub-Saharan haplogroups. The probability of a random match was calculated as 0.09. The data set comprises 21 haplotypes occurring more than once and 17 unique haplotypes. Upon publication, haplotypes were incorporated in the EMPOP database (; EMP00069) [1]
Forensic Sci.Int Genet. 2012 6(5):662-663
Tags: Africa; Austria; control region; DNA; EMPOP; haplogroups; haplotypes; LINEAGES; mitochondrial DNA; Probability; sequence
PubMed: 22436123
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