Forensic and phylogeographic characterisation of mtDNA lineages from Somalia

Mikkelsen,M.; Fendt,L.; Rock,A.W.; Zimmermann,B.; Rockenbauer,E.; Hansen,A.J.; Parson,W.; Morling,N.
The African mitochondrial (mt) phylogeny is coarsely resolved but the majority of population data generated so far is limited to the analysis of the first hypervariable segment (HVS-1) of the control region (CR). Therefore, this study aimed on the investigation of the entire CR of 190 unrelated Somali individuals to enrich the severely underrepresented African mtDNA pool. The majority (60.5 %) of the haplotypes were of sub-Saharan origin with L0a1d, L2a1h and L3f being the most frequently observed haplogroups. This is in sharp contrast to previous data reported from the Y-chromosome, where only about 5 % of the observed haplogroups were of sub-Saharan provenance. We compared the genetic distances based on population pairwise F (st) values between 11 published East, Central and North African as well as western Asian populations and the Somali sequences and displayed them in a multi-dimensional scaling plot. Genetic proximity evidenced by clustering roughly reflected the relative geographic location of the populations. The sequences will be included in the EMPOP database ( ) under accession number EMP00397 upon publication (Parson and Dur Forensic Sci Int Genet 1:88-92, 2007)
Int J.Legal Med. 2012 126(4):573-579
Tags: analysis; control region; EMPOP; forensic; Forensic Genetics; forensic medicine; FORENSIC-GENETICS; genetics; haplogroups; haplotypes; LINEAGES; mtDNA; phylogeny; population; Population Data; POPULATION-DATA; sequence; Y-Chromosome
PubMed: 22527188
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