European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI): Evaluation of new commercial STR multiplexes that include the European Standard Set (ESS) of markers

Welch,L.A.; Gill,P.; Phillips,C.; Ansell,R.; Morling,N.; Parson,W.; Palo,J.U.; Bastisch,I.
To support and to underpin the European initiative to increase the European set of standard markers (ESS), by the addition of five new loci, a collaborative project was organised by the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) DNA working group in order to assess the new multiplex kits available. We have prepared allele frequency databases from 26 EU populations. Concordance studies were carried out to verify that genotyping results were consistent between kits. Population genetics studies were conducted and it was estimated that F(ST)<0.001. The results showed that the kits were comparable to each other in terms of performance and major discrepancy issues were highlighted. We provide details of allele frequencies for each of the populations analysed per laboratory
Forensic Sci.Int Genet. 2012 6(6):819-826
Tags: chemistry; databases; DNA; forensic; forensic science; genetics; genotyping; laboratories; loci; markers; multiplex; multiplexes; PERFORMANCE; population; STR
PubMed: 22658771
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