Mitochondrial DNA population data of HVS-I and HVS-II sequences from a northeast German sample

Tetzlaff,S.; Brandstätter,A.; Wegener,R.; Parson,W.; Weirich,V.
Mitochondrial DNA sequences of the control region's two hypervariable regions HVS-I and HVS-II were determined for 213 unrelated west Eurasian individuals from northeast Germany (Mecklenburg). A total of 174 different mtDNA haplotypes were found, 25 of which were shared by more than 1 individual. The most frequent haplotypes were 263G-309.1C-315.1C, found in seven individuals, 263G-309.1C-309.2C-315.1C, found in six individuals and 263G-315.1C, found in five individuals. These sequences are also the most common haplotypes in other published European data sets. The sequence polymorphisms consisting of 150 polymorphic nucleotide positions were compared with other European databases. The genetic diversity and random match probability were calculated. Our results corroborate certain features which are characteristic for west Eurasian mtDNA population samples
Forensic Sci Int 2007 172(2-3):218-224
Tags: control region; databases; DNA; EMPOP; Germany; haplotypes; mitochondrial DNA; mtDNA; nucleotide; polymorphism; population; POPULATION-DATA; Population Data; Probability; sequence
PubMed: 17331686
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