Characterization of mitochondrial DNA control region lineages in Iraq

Al-Zahery,N.; Saunier,J.; Ellingson,K.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.J.; Irwin,J.A.
To evaluate the utility of mtDNA control region data for the purposes of forensic DNA testing in Iraq, a sample of 182 subjects (128 Arab Muslims, 15 Kurd Muslims, 22 Assyrian Christians and 17 Mandaean Arabs) was tested. High numbers of singleton haplotypes were observed among Arabs, Kurds and Assyrians, but fewer were found in Mandaeans. High molecular diversity and low random match probabilities confirmed the value of control region data in the investigation of maternal genetic lineages among the Iraqi population
Int J.Legal Med. 2013 127(2):373-375
Tags: control region; DNA; EMPOP; forensic; haplotypes; LINEAGES; mitochondrial DNA; mtDNA; MTDNA CONTROL REGION; population; Probability
PubMed: 22926116
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