Mitochondrial DNA control region haplotype and haplogroup diversity in South Eastern Turkey

Despite its large geographic and population size only little is known about the mitochondrial (mt)DNA make up of Turkey orensically relevant data are almost completely absent in the literature. We analyzed the mtDNA control region of 224 volunteers from South Eastern Turkey and compared the data to populations from neighboring countries. The haplotypes will be made available via the EMPOP database (EMP00670) and contribute to the body of forensic mtDNA data. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
Forensic Science International-Genetics 2016 24:176-179
Tags: mtdna control region; empop; haplogrouping; forensic science; mtdna control region; extended guidelines; population-data; sequence; lineages; anatolia; database; pool; asia; EMPOP;
PubMed: 27479879
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