Three individuals, three stories, three burials from medieval Trondheim, Norway

This article presents the life stories of three individuals who lived in Trondheim, Norway, during the 13th century. Based on skeletal examinations, facial reconstructions, genetic analyses, and stable oxygen isotope analyses, the birthplace, mobility, ancestry, pathology, and physical appearance of these people are presented. The stories are discussed within the relevant historical context. These three people would have been ordinary citizens, without any privileges out of the ordinary, which makes them quite rare in the academic literature. Through the study of individuals one gets a unique look into the Norwegian medieval society.
PLoS One 2017 12:e0180277
Tags: Anthropometry; DNA, Mitochondrial/genetics; Female; *Fossils; History, Medieval; Humans; Male; Norway; EMPOP;
PubMed: 28671986
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