Rare failures in the amelogenin sex test

Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.
Determination of sex using the amelogenin sex test is well established in the forensic field especially for casework and DNA databasing purposes. The sex test is part of commercially available PCR kits. Among 29,432 phenotypic male individuals stored in the Austrian National DNA database, 6 individuals were found to lack the amelogenin Y-specific PCR product which was confirmed using alternative amelogenin primers. The amplification of eight Y-chromosomal STR markers resulted in full profiles in five out of the six samples, one sample failed to amplify Y-STRs at all. The amplification of a fragment of the SRY gene gave positive results in all six samples, confirming the male phenotype of the individuals. The observed failure rate of the amelogenin sex test was 0.018% in this study
Int J Legal Med 2002 116(2):117-120
Tags: amelogenin; amplification; Austria; casework; DNA; DNA DATABASE; forensic; forensic casework; identification; male; markers; MULTIPLEX STR TEST; PCR; Phenotype; REGION ENCODES; sex test; SRY; VALIDATION; X-CHROMOSOME; Y HOMOLOGOUS GENE; Y-STR; Y-STRs
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